Allergies, Food Sensitivities - Intolerances

After having been on a diet for 3 months I tried out the things I was first sensitive to, but it appeared the sensitivities were still there. I haven’t really done anything about it because I’ve been able to find good alternatives.

The hypoglycemia was a different story. I don’t think I will ever get my blood sugar level totally under control, but I can live with it a lot better. What I think is a shame is that it has taken such a long time to find all this out. No other doctor has been willing to look in this direction when I’ve been saying for years that I thought the problem was in my diet.

I wish you lots of success with the good work you are doing and, if things don’t work out for me, I hope to be able to call on you again.

Trudy Lieshout, Hoorn

One strange, but good effect of the diet being I am not really interested in over-eating, in fact I find my interest in food not the over-indulgence it used to be. Sometimes I have to remind myself to eat! Fingers still stiff although still getting better. Thanks again.

Sandra Guntley, Dordrecht

My GP suggested using a different birth control pill, but this only made things worse. Even quitting the pill altogether didn’t help. I decided to accept my situation and just took pain killers. 

However, over the past year I started to develop all kinds of vague complaints: fatigue that would take over my entire body; stiffness in my legs upon getting up in the morning, as well as, a swollen face. I had the feeling I needed to stick to my daily rhythm and go to bed on time. Sometimes I felt like a 33-year-old senior citizen! What really scared me was the fact that around October of 2004 my vision became quite blurry. I tried to focus my eyes: one moment the picture seemed close by, the next moment it would be far away. I was also often very dizzy.

After a hard day’s work, I decided to contact the Amsterdam Kliniek. Doctor Lydia Boeken immediately made time for me. It was good to have someone seriously listen. Because many complaints seemed treatable, I set up an intake. Prior to the intake, I was sent an extensive questionnaire. Upon answering all the questions I thought: “Oh my, I’m exaggerating, I’m not checking off enough boxes!”. 

A thorough intake took place. We went over the questionnaire and a physical was done. My blood pressure appeared somewhat high. During the next consultation, a glucose tolerance test, as well as, a neutrophile food intolerance test were done. It appeared that my complaints were strongly related to greatly fluctuating blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia). Moreover, my blood was not responding well to numerous every day type foods such as baker’s yeast and tea. I was given certain food restrictions that would avoid overloading my blood sugar level. A diet rich in complex carbohydrates, low sugar and saturated fats. Also coffee needed to be avoided. Additionally, I was given food restrictions based on the outcome of the neutrophile test, as well as, food supplements.

Fully motivated, I started the diet on the first Monday after getting the results. That week was a complete horror! I never felt that bad in my life. But I hung on. During my next period I still had a headache by no more migraines. I also started to feel a lot less tired. After the first monthly follow-up at the Amsterdam Kliniek, my complaints had clearly gotten less! This development continued! After the third follow-up, my treatment could already be discontinued! I had gotten my energy back and my migraines had completely disappeared!

Now, in October of 2005, the situation remains the same! I continue to be careful about what I eat, but I am extremely happy about taking the step of going to the Amsterdam Kliniek! I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody recognizing himself or herself in my story!

Ine van Vuuren, Amsterdam

Eggs I can eat mixed into other products but not pure. Milk I will only use if I have to. Both eggs and milk almost don’t give any reactions anyway.

The allergic reactions around my eyes have not returned for almost a year now!

I wish to thank you very much for your treatment and am extremely happy with the results.

Gerda de Hen, Ugchelen 

I still have a problem with yeast, grapes and a number of vegetables and herbs, and I also have to limit sugar. Other than that everything is going well. Although I can’t eat everything, I don’t think this is an insurmountable problem.  So for the time being I don’t need any further treatments. The diet has helped me a lot, thanks!

Pauline Teunissen, Amsterdam 

Now that 3 months of dieting are behind me, and after taking lots of vitamins, I am completely surprised about what happened.

An increase in energy is the first thing I want to mention; I feel so much more fit in the morning, it’s just wonderful. It seems like I have also found a better daily rhythm because I sleep better. What stands out even more is that I am no longer tired after dinner.

What is truly remarkable is the fact that my skin produces much fewer scales. Also, and this feels strange to me, I’ve lost the desire to continuously want to eat all through the day. This has created a calming effect in my life.

It is quite remarkable that I have experienced such unexpected improvements in so many areas. But I am also surprised by the careful and pleasant treatment at the Amsterdam Kliniek. No endless waiting lists, quick responses to proposed problems and enough space for your own opinion.

Lydia, thanks!

Det Materman, Hall 

After only a few months on the diet I already noticed such great improvement and now I am convinced I will never ever need to be the hospitalized for my MS again. I actually feel like I am in control.

Joke de Jong, Leusden

After yet another sleepless night caused by the incessant itching, I found the Amsterdam Kliniek while searching the internet. After an extensive intake consultation it appeared that almost all my complaints (itching, stomach aches, fatigue, headache, low blood sugar levels) were pointing in the direction of a food intolerance. Around the middle of December of 2005 I was given the results of a blood test and had to pick a date for starting a strict diet.

I decided to first live up the holidays and started on January 6. The first 2 weeks were very difficult, you tend to feel pretty crummy and are craving all the “forbidden” foods. However, after another 2 weeks I suddenly started to feel very good: no more itching, more energy, fewer stomach aches and the fluctuations in my blood sugar level disappeared. From that moment on it was not very hard to stick to the diet.

Eventually the 3 diet months did go by quite rapidly. Rebuilding my diet has gone well and now, after 6 months, I can basically eat everything again. I still feel great and the itching has never returned.

So I am still very happy about winding up at the Amsterdam Kliniek and hope that many people with similar problems will be helped by them – and if ever need be, I would go on another 3-month diet without any reservations.

Hedwig Hettinga, Groningen

But numerous other complaints such as stomach pains and deadly fatigue started to develop, as well. I had this vague hunch that my diet played a roll in all this, but I could not put my finger on it. Via the internet I found your site and decided to come and see you, because the information about fibromyalgia and diet resonated with me.

After taking a food intolerance test I started a diet. It was quite heavy, but to my surprise I soon started to lose the many extra pounds I was carrying around with me and that was a great motivator. I soon noticed that my complaints diminished and after 3 months I was fine except for the joint complaints. And these had been the prime reason to come and see you in the first place. They did decrease somewhat but were definitely not gone.

After 3 months I carefully started to reintroduce certain products I had not had for a while, which was a little scary. Contrary to the way it used to be, I can now clearly feel the difference if a product does not agree with me. But so far I have not minded not eating certain products. The interesting thing is that I have also noticed a clear improvement in my joint complaints and I can move around much better. I even picked up Nordic Walking! Not necessarily always completely without pain, but at least I am there: 1 year ago this would have been impossible.

Having accomplished this has made me very happy and it stimulates me to shy away from the Burgundian lifestyle I used to embrace and continue to listen to my body.

Joke Lindeboom, Winterswijk 

Some I had been suffering with for over 10 years, others had come on more recently. My complaints fluctuated from enormous fatigue, headaches, facial break-outs, interrupted menstrual cycles, weight gain and dizziness, to constipation.

In November of 2006 you performed an extended glucose tolerance test on me. Soon it became clear that I was suffering from hypoglycaemia. By not eating sugars or sugar substitutes and simple carbohydrates, I soon got rid of numerous complaints. I also did a food intolerance test for a great number of products. The result was quite shocking. Suddenly I was no longer allowed to eat bread and dairy, and also numerous vegetables, meats and fish were banned. I was given a diet I needed to follow for 3 months. During this time I had to bake my own bread, because not one store carried bread that did not contain any of the ingredients I was not allowed to eat. Thinking back I believe it took me over one month before I was able to bake a decent loaf of bread!

But from the moment I stopped eating the forbidden products, I started to improve. After 3 months I was allowed to slowly reintroduce these foods. That went fine, actually. But I was not quite there yet. During the following months, I continued to improve. And after 1 1/2 months I can safely say that I feel totally fine. I have hardly suffered any fallbacks and all my symptoms are gone. It took a while and did not come easy. But I can say that after 10 years I am cured. It was more than worth doing the heavy diet for.

So I want to thank you enormously for helping me to get healthy again. And I truly hope that you will continue to help people to get rid of their many diverse and sometimes extremely vague complaints.

I am happy to have found the Amsterdam Kliniek. I never expected to be feeling this good again.

Thanks and kind regards,

Martine Zoetmulder, Hoofddorp

In the meantime 4 weeks have passed and Joyce is doing super. One product that has not agreed with her has been pure soy milk, but if it is part of a product (such as soy sauce), it does go well. Joyce is very eager, but we stick to only adding one product per day. Her eczema is getting less and less and she gets very positive reactions about her face, now that it looks so smooth. We feel elated about having taken the step to come and see you and will keep you posted. Many thanks to you and your staff.


Janine Wasch, mother of Joyce (14 years old), Woudenberg

No more itching at all and I’m full of energy. Something I haven’t been able to say for  years. Treatments by my GP and dermatologists would very briefly help, but I never experienced truly lasting effects.

We are now 4 months down the road and I am fully confident that things will continue to be OK. I’ve even noticed that my COPD has greatly improved.

The treatments in your clinic have been totally satisfactory. Never long waiting lists, always friendly staff, etc.

In the meantime I’ve recommended you to a friend who has similar complaints to mine!

Kind regards,

Hans Valkenburg, Arnhem

Psoriasis - Psorinovo Treatment

I did not do anything about it, but through the years it got worse, especially in the hair line behind my ears there would be entire crusts - just awful. My elbows and knees got covered, as well, and furthermore large patches on my lower legs and in other less desirable places.

My doctor advised me to go the dermatology department of the VU hospital in Amsterdam. I was given a steroid cream but that did not make one bit of difference during the 11/2 years that I used it. A concurrent problem was the fact that it made my skin thin and I would start to bleed as soon as I bumped into anything. One year later we had a nice summer and I went to the beach every other day and within one month my skin was clear. Sun and salt water are a life saver, but well, that’s only temporary and come the fall everything got worse again.

I was given well-intended advice from people around me and one of them was to drink horse milk and use horse cream. This was fairly effective, but it did not really resolve my problem.

My wife read a story in the Libelle about the Amsterdam Kliniek and psoriasis. The next day I set up an appointment (we are now talking April 2008). I was given a thorough examination and started treatment soon thereafter. 

The Psorinovo pills have definitely done an excellent job. The side effects some people suffer from, also affected me. I build up to taking 20 small pills but could not handle it (diarrhoea) and after consulting the doctor I went back to 12 pills which works fine. It is now April 2009 and I am totally clean. My skin is currently trying to get its original color back. This process may take a while, but progress is really showing already. I don’t have to go back for another year, except for 2 lab checks.

I hope this treatment will get more attention via the media or in other ways.

Thank you Amsterdam Kliniek.

J. Joore, Aalsmeer

After numerous hospitalizations and applying many different creams, PUVA therapy was introduced. I was one of the first to start using this treatment and would temporarily be clean again.

In Januari of 2007 I heard about the Psorinovo treatment. It appealed to me and I set up an appointment with Dr. Boeken. In March 2007 I started using the Psorinovo pills and by August my psoriasis was gone. And so far that’s the way it’s been (March 2009).

I can’t tell you how happy and fortunate I feel: never again having to apply cream to my head and treat all the other spots. A friend suffering from psoriasis that I  recommended the treatment to, is also doing very well.

I hope that in this way I will be able to motivate others to consider doing the Psorinovo treatment. For more information you can also go to the website of the Psorinovo Foundation:

Henny Hendriks, Nederhorst den Berg

For the past couple of months I have been totally clean through the use of Psorinovo, as prescribed by you. I want to thank you for your great knowledge and expertise.

Kind regards,

P. Smidts, Maarssen

Never being able to walk bare foot or shake someone’s hand - these things were no longer possible and made me want to do anything to get rid of it.

Dermatologists couldn’t do anything for me and I commend them for honestly admitting to this. Many tubes of cream, light therapy and salt baths later I wound up at the Amsterdam Kliniek four years ago. All my hope was on them. Itching would keep me from sleeping every single night, my scaly and cracked feet would tear the sheets. Walking was a disaster because truly everything hurt. In order to make things a little more bearable my husband would massage my feet every night. Momentarily the itching would be gone.

Eventually I started Psorinovo and the accompanying dietary advice. The spots that had come first were also the ones to go away first. Of course it took a while before everything was gone, but it improved like greased lighting. I rarely drink alcoholic beverages, but as far as the rest is concerned I don’t really abide by the food list. Sometimes I experience a hot flash but that goes away quite quickly. Seems to only happen after having eaten something very spicy.

Especially in the beginning it requires some stamina to take the medication, but the reward is great. And yes, no more foot massages, but there is a solution for everything.

Marijke van Drunen, Koog aan de Zaan

With the necessary amount of skepticism I went onto the internet, read anything I could get my hands on and set up an appointment with Dr. Boeken in Abcoude; I did not have anything to lose and could only win.

She immediately gave me a good feeling and I started taking 30 mg daily on an increasing basis until eventually 9 x 120 mg daily. After 6 months a clear improvement was already noticeable and within 1 year I was totally clean. This is still the case and I am currently building down to the point were my symptoms get worse; that will become my maintenance dose.

Obviously it’s no fun having to take so many pills, but I handle them well and had I heard of this treatment before, I would have started Psorinovo a long time ago because the results are simply great. People around me are often quite surprised about my skin being so clear again. I can walk around with bare arms and legs again and can wear dark, even black clothes again. In other words: I am quite satisfied and greatly thankful to Dr. Boeken.

Marijke van Kinsbergen, Amsterdam

Years back I had already heard about Psorinovo, a fumaric acid that hardly has any side effects and led to great results, but neither dermatologist wanted to prescribe it and dismissed it by saying it was a heavy type medication with many side effects. While at the same time they did give me severely poisonous medicines such as Neoral and methotrexate.

Because I didn’t have anything to lose I searched and found Dr. Boeken via the website (Vereniging Psorinovo). I started taking the medication on January 27 2008. Patiently build up (with 30 mg steps per week) to a total of 780 mg. Within half a year I had gotten totally rid of my psoriasis, with the exception of 2 minuscule spots. Side effects: occasional hot flash (a sign that the medicine is working) and, if I failed to take the pills right after a meal: diarrhoea. The latter being my own responsibility.

During the first half year I also needed to abide by dietary restrictions that apply to people whose psoriasis did not manifest itself until after 35 years of age - I got my first outbreak when I was 32. Slowly I started reintroducing numerous products and concluded that, in my case, eating/drinking does not influence the degree of psoriasis. 

As of August 1 I will very slowly (30 mg per month) start to build down to the minimum dose necessary to maintain my clear skin for the rest of my life.

Kind regards,

Irene Hemelaar, Amsterdam 

A special method using dietary advice in combination with increasing amounts of dimethyl fumaric acid have led to incredible results. Can continue working at my job again and am nog longer exhausted by the joint pains. My skin has also greatly improved. 

I look back at a great cooperation with Dr. Boeken and can wholeheartedly recommend this treatment to those suffering from this condition.

Kind regards,

Greet Orsel-Kos, Huizen


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