The Amsterdam Kliniek uses healing methods aimed at fighting disease in a natural way, promoting health without incurring damaging side effects. We take the time to make sure we thoroughly understand your state of health and complaints. If needed, conventional therapies are integrated. 

Allergies, Food Sensitivities - Intolerances

Many complaints may actually be caused by food sensitivities (allergies  and intolerances), but are generally not recognized in this way in the mainstream.  Even respiratory tract conditions (asthma, chronic rhinitis) can actually be the result of one or more reactions to certain foods.   For the most part, conventional medicine seems...

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Psoriasis - Psorinovo Treatment

Psoriasis is a skin condition affecting many people. Creams, light therapy (phototherapy) and even vacations to the Dead Sea are among some of the more common treatments. The biggest problem is the fact that skin symptoms tend to return quite rapidly once these treatments are stopped. For many years, the Amsterdam...

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Orthomolecular Medicine

Excellent health can be maintained and a wide range of diseases can be improved or even cured by providing the body with optimum amounts of nutrients.  The orthomolecular view challenges conventional medicine’s stance that through our normal diet, we get enough vitamins, minerals and other substances essential for long-term health. Orthomolecular...

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Anti-Aging / Life Extension - "Better Health, Longer Life"

Anti-Aging, also known as Life Extension or Longevity, is the study of slowing down or even reversing the ageing process with the aim of living longer while maintaining good health. Unfortunately, ageing tends to accelerate as a result of numerous internal and external factors such as living in a world with increased stress...

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Orthomolecular Cancer Support

Coming home with a diagnosis of cancer is a traumatic event that often generates feelings of helplessness and bewilderment.   Conventional medicine approaches the treatment with a focus on surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or anti-cancer medication. This leaves you feeling powerless to do anything else but to take these treatments with...

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Glutathione Injections - Parkinson's, Cancer, Dementia & More

Glutathione is a protein which naturally occurs in the body.  It is composed of 3 amino acids (cysteine, glycine and glutamine) and is frequently called the mother of all antioxidants. More so than most other antioxidants, glutathione has the ability to reduce or even stop the production of free radicals. Free...

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Cosmetic Medicine

The Amsterdam Kliniek has always promoted health in a natural way.   The Amsterdam Kliniek has been a leader in the area of Anti-Aging strategies on the basis of Orthomolecular Medicine. As a natural extension of helping patients cope even better with the aging process, medical cosmetic procedures are integrated into...

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